by Rainbowpawz

Slip-on dog bandanas

  • SLIP-ON DESIGN!  Slide your pets collar through the top fold.  No need to tie them around the neck.

  • Designed for appearance and functionality.

  • Choose from a large range of prints for every occasion and season.

  • Personalize it! Add that extra personal touch.  Have us embroider your pets name on the top fold section of your dogdana.

  • Dogdanas for working and special needs dogs available.

Beautiful and Functional!

Slip-On design aside, our dogdanas are crafted so they hug the body of your pet without sagging or bunching up.  This design element provides addtional stability thereby helping to keep the bandana from dipping into water or food bowls.
A clean dogdana is a gorgeous dogdana!

The Dogdana Collection

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