Me and Diesel

Hi!  I’m my name is Javier.  I am the owner and one man army of Rainbowpawz.  By day I am a certified seasoned groomer.  By night I remake myself into a sewing and embroidering artist.

I LOVE my grooming career and enjoy every moment I get to work with my clients.  However, I also have a penchant for crafting pursuits. I started out by offering handmade dog themed greeting cards and expanded from there to include pet themed jewelry and various other unique items that would be difficult to locate elsewhere.  After years of jewelry and card making I turned my creative eye towards sewing and bag making.  I came to truly enjoy the process.  I enjoyed it so much I eventually filled the boutique at my day job with beautifully crafted dog themed bags. It wasn’t long before I was introduced to the world of machine embroidery. Once I mastered embroidery techniques I began turning out pieces that could easily be considered more art than bags.

I wanted to offer my handmade art-wear pieces to a larger audience.  This led me to create Rainbowpawz, a place online where my creativity & talent can expand! I began by launching my signature collection of embroidered bags and accessories specifically aimed at dog lovers, aptly named, A Dog’s Life.

I invite you to check out my online boutique and purchase with confidence.  Every item listed in my store is handmade to order by me in my home studio.